HD | 1 channel | Loop | Projection \ Screen | 11:38 minutes | 2010 

HD | 1 channel | Loop | Projection \ Screen | 03:27 minutes | 2010 

Content: Nature and the desert light that loudly proclaim optimism are in direct contrast to the daily hardships of the periphery. Joseph Dadoune actively communes with nature. Somewhere between a meditation and a chuckle. An ironic contrast generated by the appearance of an old acacia tree and the public housing around it on the town’s edge.

Credits: Yosef Joseph Dadoune

Producer : Anna Somershaf
Cinematography : Patrick Doberenz
Editor : Ofir Raul Graizer
camera assistant : Moran weissfisch
Colorist : Dima Lidhov

Rock climbing instructor : Dror Noifeld
Crane operator : David Weizmann
Production of " In the desert" project                  

With the support of : Sapir College, Sderot Israel Lottery Council for the Arts Partnership 2000 program

Thanks to : Municipality of Ofakim : Jaques Ouzan
Sapir College, Sderot : Avner Fainguelernt, Alon Gayer, Hagar Saad-Shalom