Yosef Joseph Yaakov Dadoune, born April 24, 1975 in Nice, is a French-Israeli artist working at the intersection of video, photography, performance, drawing1, architecture and social action2. In his work, Joseph Dadoune is interested in the tensions between East and West, between religious and secular life3, between centralized power and periphery, and between real and imaginary4. His works also resonates with issues related to colonialism, gender and identity. 

Artistic career

After a childhood that takes him from Nice to Ofakim, Joseph Dadoune becomes known in the early 2000s in France and in Israel for his film “Zion” (2006-2007), produced with the support and participation of the Louvre and actress Ronit Elkabetz5.


In 2008, he develops a cycle of pieces entitled “In the Desert” which examines the economic, social and cultural reality of the development town Ofakim.  For the project, Dadoune produces films, collects archival documents, initiates guided tours, invites journalists, and tries to harness as many people as possible to deliver Ofakim from its status as a “non-place”6. Starting in 2010, he concentrates on drawing and creates monumental7 surfaces slathered in a black tar that he also adds to various objects and materials. Some of these tar pieces have been exhibited at Fondation Ricard in Paris8 and at Petach Tikva Museum of Art9.

Amongst his other striking pieces are the noteworthy “Impossible calendars”10 (2013), exhibited at Tel Aviv Museum of Art for the 100th anniversary of Dada11, and “Barrière protectrice” (2017), a series of autobiographical war drawings published as a book by Éditions Arnaud Bizalion12.

In 2017, he is named a Knight of Arts and Letters13 by the French Minster of Culture, and in July that same year, his project “An Arab Spring”14 (233 photos and 17 videos) joins the collections of Centre Pompidou15. In October 2017, he is the invited artist for the City of Versailles ‘Night of Creation’, where he presents an important selection of works under the title “Sillons” 16.

In 2018, he receives the art prize from Fondation Renée et Léonce Bernheim17.

Joseph Dadoune has participated in over 200 solo and group exhibitions. His work has been shown notably at FIAC (Paris)18, Espace Richaud (Versailles)19, Petach Tikva Museum of Art20, Plateau / FRAC Ile de France21, Tel Aviv Museum of Art22, Fondation Ricard (Paris)23 and the Israel Museum (Jerusalem)24. His videos have been screened at Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature25, the auditorium of the Louvre26, the White Box27 and Palais de Tokyo28.

Joseph Dadoune’s pieces can be found in the collections of Centre Georges Pompidou29, the Louvre30, FNAC31 in Paris, FRAC Normandy Rouen32, the Israel Museum33 and Petach Tikva Museum of Art34.

External links:

Joseph Dadoune on TV5 Monde


Interview with Joseph Dadoune by Rapahel Zagury-Orly,13 September 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4TRu96RG_Q&list=PL18PqE0OtMckT-LpdoXE_EvfGcisoC9_Z

Documentation of the exhibition Zion, A Cinematic Trilogy, at Petach Tikva Museum: https://vimeo.com/94168739 

PARÉIDOLIE | Salon international du dessin contemporain à Marseille

Ariel Schweitzer on the film Zion by Joseph Dadoune, for France culture, part of the episode Ronit Elkabetz, une actrice à vif (1964-2016) May 19, 2018: https://www.franceculture.fr/emissions/une-vie-une-oeuvre/ronit-elkabetz-une-actrice-a-vif-1964-2016



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