Black Tunnel, 2013 Vertical cuboid

Between Gaza and Egypt, the residents of Gaza excavate underground tunnels through which they transfer food, building materials, and weapons. The man is digging tunnel, seeking liberty at the other end.

Box number three - was assembled in New Jersey. The lower part is hollow and contains compost into which the shape of a half-open circle has been dug. It is open in the upper direction, and in the middle is a black cardboard box - half of which is sunk into the compost, and half protruding from it. It resembles the cross-section of an underground tunnel. Above it is the wall that separates Gaza from Egypt, intersecting the air and the depths of the earth so as it close it off from below, too. Ultimately, none of this is visible or understandable: in fact, it is impossible to guess it.  The front resembles a piece of furniture containing compost.