In the desert
HD | One channel | Sound | 17:28 | II concrete blocks 30 x 110 cm | 2009

In the desert landscape between Ofakim and Beer Sheva, a truck with drilling equipment arrives, noisily digs two vertical piers in the ground, and departs. A cypress tree and  palm tree are buried in their entirety in these two vertical piers. It is the exact opposite of what one would expect for a place so gravely in need for preservation and development. The desert and its oasis are raped, being helpless against the drilling and the dumping of two concrete blocks that signify the ultimate symbol of modernism.



Written and Directed by : Yosef Joseph Dadoune
Cinematography : Patrick Doberenz
Editor : Ofir Raul Graizer
Camera assistant : Moran weissfisch
Rough Cut : Guy Levi

Sound : Yohanan Brauschvig
Boom Man : Nimrod Shalom
Sound Designer : Dror Shiman
Colorist : Dima Lidhov

Producer : Dalit Arnold
Production Manager : Anna Somershaf
Work Manager : Eyal Assuline 

Production of "In the desert" project                  

With the support of
Sapir College, Sderot
Israel Lottery Council for the Arts

Thanks to

Municipality of Ofakim :
Jaques Ouzan
Sapir College, Sderot : 
Avner Fainguelernt
Alon Gayer
Hagar Saad-Shalom 

Special thanks to

Estee Dinur
Keren Erez Asif
Drorit Gur Arie
Judith Guetta