Horizons – Fragments II Photographs | 2009   A series of 12 photographs of graffiti on the walls of the Of-Ar plant in Ofakim – anonymous layers on orphaned walls. Between the rejected and the revolting, between the poetic ad the coarse. A collective fresco: Bedouins who live near the town, Ofakim citizens, soldiers, and Arab, Israeli, and Palestinian laborers. A picture that emanates from a region surrounded by helicopters, planes, tanks, and wide open skies. Motifs such as a black Arab horse, a cypress tree, a camel, and a mobile phone. Forbidden messages of lust and protest. All these without the overload of colors found in the big cities and in the graffiti movements of the 1980s. The space portrayed here bars the reopening of a new manufacturing plant. The photos turn into a memory of a period of thirty barren years, as if nothing had happened in it.    Horizons-frgments-4  Inkjet print on photo paper Dimensions with margins: 29.7 x 42 cm dimensions hors marges: 25.1 x 37.4 cm
  The Muslim cemetery Beersheba 2008-09   48X33 cm   Technique: different cameras  Series of 9 photographs: 4 vertical, 5 horizontal