Universes Concert

Video | color | 65 min | Cité internationale des arts, Paris, 2004

Concert/performance by: Joseph Dadoune


Guest: reef Cohen Pianist: emile Blondel “my head split,” part I : Composer: reef Cohen adaptation: Joseph Dadoune toccata, adagio and fugue in C major Composer: Johann sebastian Bach Vinyl performance: Joseph Dadoune

“my head split,” part II : Composer: reef Cohen adaptation: Joseph Dadoune Kol nidre prayer From: music of the Bible, old hebrew songs lászlo sándor with the Chamber orchestra and Choir of the hungarian state opera house; arranged and conducted by iván patachich

Vinyl performance and choreography: Joseph Dadoune prelude, op.1 Composer: K. szymanowski

The Book of fears, a personal Diary Read by: Joseph Dadoune “if the fall is heavy,” “exposed,” “my head split” Composed and performed by: reef Cohen

Universes Concert
Universes Concert