Silent | 11 min | b&w | 16 mm film converted to DVD | Video Installation / movie theater | France | 2006

The action takes place in the Louvre Museum. Ronit Elkabetz, the actress, appears as the allegorical embodiement of Jerusalem. The camera follows her as she is walking in the Department of the Levant. She is clad in black and carries a flag of the same color. Jerusalem – both queen and godess – is at the same time this woman in exile, empoverished and exhausted by the wars of men who have been fighting and colonizing her body for centuries. She wanders in the Louvre Museum in search for visual objects - either religious or biblical – left by the civilisations who physically occupied her and who disappeared now. But she cannot find any sign of herself, of her body throughout this wandering. Jerusalem finds herself at the crossing of two galleries where different symbols of the West are gathered. She is victim of violent acts performed by a strange dark shape. A king with his servant brings her a magnificent dress: now Jerusalem leaves off her exile plight.

The scenes shot in the Louvre were conceived as performances during the shooting. The narrative stemmed from those different performances in 16mm. The reappropriation of the silent film genre generates a metaphysical dimension here: this acts as a break with the present time.

This short-film, especially conceived for the auditorium of the Louvre Museum, is based on the rushes of the film Zion. It was shot in the section of the Levant and in the French and Italian galleries of paintings.


Written and Directed by : Yosef Joseph Dadoune

Featuring : Ronit Elkabetz

Camera: patrick Doberenz Editor : Yosef Joseph Dadoune Assistant editor: aymeric françois

Hebrew font and additional costumes: Joseph Dadoune Graphics: M.S.Brink

Costumes (ronit elkabetz): Christian lacroix, paris Make-up: azusa Kato

Production assistant : laurence saadé

technical support: Centre photographique d’ile-de-france Post-production: Cité internationale des arts, paris

Location: louvre museum, paris, 24 January 2006 richelieu Wing, Khorsabad courtyard (northern iraq); egyptian antiquities Wing Denon Wing: Collection of european painting, mid-13th century – mid-19th century Director/Script/editor: Joseph Dadoune Starring: ronit elkabetz (sion) Featuring: Joseph Dadoune (King), Charly Zrihen (amputee)

Production: rama production, France

With the participation of: the louvre museum, paris

With the support of: the israeli ministry of foreign affairs, Cultural and scientific affairs Division

Thanks to:

Marie-Laure Bernadac Philippe-Alain Michaud Nathalie Giraudeau Rafi Gamzou Anita Mazor Chantal Helenbeck Nadia Bouzid Elizabeth Bonnel Pauline Guélaud, Catherine Derosier-Pouchous Jean Gismondi, Francine Lutenberg Cyril Mouret