The 4 Seas

4 HD channels | plastic bottle | 17:59 minutes | Loop | Sound | 2009

Inside an Archeology Museum built during the (1930's / 1830's) the thirties of the past century, somewhere in the middle east an elegantly dressed western woman roams surrounded by Archaeological findings from prehistory as well as the Middle-ages. In one of the display halls an unexpected encounter with the feminine personification of the East. Four seas reveal the four corners of the world (Planet) ] by the wind rose. She returns (to the) west when in her suitcase she holds an ancient discovery. 


Written and Directed by : Yosef Joseph Dadoune

Featuring : Brigitte Argieme ( Arglove ) Guest Star : Dikla Hand : Michel Teboul Producer : Anna Somershaf

Cinematography : Patrick Doberenz Editor : Ofir Raul Graizer Sound : Oleg Kaizerman   Sound designer : Dror Shiman   Colorist : Dima Lidhov Graphic design : The League

The Sea of Galilee The Dead Sea The Mediterranean Sea The Red Sea   Production of " In the desert" project             

With the support of :          

Sapir College, Sderot

Thanks : Avner Fainguelernt  Alon Gayer Hagar Saad-Shalom 

  Special thanks to : Izik Badash Tagori ( Costume design for Dikla )

To my beautiful love Jorge Juan Katzenstein, Arglove

The 4 Seas