Bunker Buster

HDV | 3 Channels | Loop | 23:35 Min | Greece | 2007

"Bunker Buster" refers to the American bomb Buster, able to penetrate concrete six meters deep and ground to thirty meters. The installation of Joseph Dadoune includes a black and white high definition video, twenty two minutes long, that was shot entirely in the War Museum of Athens.

In this project the artist invited Alexia in a conversation-action that combines fragmented speech, singing, movement and improvisation, elements that cause new "abstractive" situations in a shifted "other" space-time, with an interactive catalytic character of the release of primal characteristics and behaviors. The work records the triadic projective relationship of intellectual, natural and architectural space of the individual (individual space, emotional space, work space, space of the Museum), the white internal room (white cube) in relation to the space of the dictator/master.

In the internal atrium of the Museum two individuals wander and act: The feminine presence (Alexia) with her face covered by a handmade woven mask/shield of hair (the only opening of the mask is that of the mouth) utters speech and voice while the artist (Joseph Dadoune) personifies multiple roles: dictator, crazy man, child. Their relationship is ambiguous.

The primary feminine entity with her robotic dimension is identified with the essence of the bomb buster, it "penetrates" multiple levels in the intellectual space of the dictator/child, it crosses the successive spaces/rooms/corridors while simultaneously like the ancient golem prohibits every movement of entry.

A complex oedipal relationship is established between the two entities/spirits. Wandering in the space they avoid each other, they are met without ever meeting. The monstrous entity suddenly places the crazy dictator’s hand on her belly, a point of reference to fertilization and the power of woman’s nature, able to penetrate "enchantingly" in the system of power of authority and in the hierarchical relationships of the imposition of power of authority in the current social and political reality, a thought that occupies the multidimensional work of Joseph Dadoune over the last few years.

This dangerous contradictory sharp-edged relationship of avoidance and simultaneous penetration is strengthened by the transcendental schizophrenic situation of the "blind" artist/dictator (his eyes are voluntarily covered) who crosses the space enclaved in a reflected space-time of wandering, of confinement, of terror and of an agonizing search of catharsis.


Written and directed by Yosef Joseph Dadoune


Discussions: Joseph Dadoune with Alexia Vassiliou The feminine presence with her face covered by a handmade woven/mask shield of hair : Alexia Vassiliou The dictator crazy man, child: Joseph Dadoune

Camera, sound, lighting:

Director of photography: Philippos Koutsaftis Assistant director: Luke Hughes Camera operators: Michalis Bouris, Stephanos Koromilas Light: Philippos Koutsaftis Photographic assistant: Camilo Nollas Sound engineer: Alexis Ghikas Technicians: Lazaros Karagiannis Editing: M.S.Brink Music composed by Joseph Dadoune Graphic design: A/RP


Wardrobe: Sultan, Paris Hair design: Joseph Dadoune Assistant 3D design: Valentine de Priester Hair design and execution: Fatima Make-up: Mary Ann Anagnosteli Still artist: Kostas Vazeos Still artist assistant: Pepe


Curated by Dr. Sania Papa Production organized by: Katerina Papadopoulou Produced by track7, Athens

Lodging: Hotel Cecil

©Joseph Dadoune & Track 7, Athens

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Bunker Buster
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